My Weekly Twitter Digest

  • http://t.co/so7EUfyz competitive advantage: a difference in relative price or relative costs that arises because of differences in… ->
  • http://t.co/0BIyytxu Porter uses the phrase operational effectiveness (OE) to refer to a company’s ability to perform similar acti… ->
  • http://t.co/UISRTIQJ simply improving operational effectiveness does not provide a robust competitive advantage because rarely are… ->
  • http://t.co/wcwDpzZ2 Competing on best practices effectively raises the bar for everyone. While there is absolute improvement in O… ->
  • #lfreadings http://t.co/KfshcuT5 If you’re trying to describe a strategy, the value proposition is a natural place to begin. It’s i… ->
  • Twitch and the video game voyeur revolution – http://t.co/kJCwG4Pm ->
  • Dire Straits – So Far Away – http://t.co/ZVDnFhHx ->
  • Make it rain ->